Road construction

Road construction plant hire at its best

Gorrop Distributors specialise in road construction plant hire. Established in July 2013, we pride ourselves on hiring top quality tools and machinery to companies in the Mpumalanga region. We have positioned ourselves as a company to be reckoned with when it comes to plant hire. Our prices are competitive and we strive to listen to customer requirements and only hire machinery of high standard.

Road construction companies, do you need machinery to complete a project? Then you need to hire one of our excavators. This is used to dig large trenches so that the foundation for road laying can be done. You can also use the excavator to clear excess rubble and ensure a neat building site. For all your heavy duty transportation requirements, hire one of our lowbeds. Just tell us your specification and we’ll ensure a lowbed with its trailor is ready for your project.

All our plant hire is serviced regularly. For any reason should you experience a breakdown in operation, we will replace your road construction machinery immediately. Don’t worry, you won’t lose days of work off a project and encore penalties with Gorrop Distributors by your side.

For all your road construction plant hire needs, give us a call now on 081-834-6707 or email